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Rush: The Best Songs And Albums To Listen To Right Now

Similar species: Bur-reed (Sparganium spp.) is another shallow-water emergent roughly the same height as flowering rush and has identical leaves. However, bur-reeds have v-shaped leaves and the female flower parts look like small, spiked balls.

GNU Rush is a Restricted User Shell,designed for sites providing limited remote access to their resources,such as, for example, main program, rush, is configured as a user login shell forusers that are allowed only remote access to the machine. Using a flexibleconfiguration file, GNU Rush gives administrator complete controlover the command lines that users execute, and allows to tune theusage of system resources, such as virtual memory, CPU time, etc. on aper-user basis.



All accesses via rush are monitored. GNU Rush includestwo programs that help visualize the history of accesses: rushwho, whichdisplays the list of currently logged in users,and rushlast, whichshows the history of accesses. The output format of both utilities isconfigurable.


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