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Join our Peer Mentorship Program

- Are you looking for advice from other families or individuals living with cerebral palsy?
- Are you willing to share your advice with other families or individuals living with CP?

The PEI Cerebral Palsy Association is excited to launch our peer mentorship program.

Please join our new peer mentorship program to connect with others in the Cerebral Palsy community across Prince Edward Island. Our goal is social inclusion and community connections. Please seek other support and resources in the community if you require therapy services.

• A member of the PEI Cerebral Palsy Association.
• A family member or individual living with cerebral palsy in PEI.

Click on the Google Forms link, or scan the QR code, or download the document to complete the short application form.*

adobe-express-qr-code (2).png

* Please download the attached file to complete the application in a more accessible format and share the word document with us at:
Also, please reach out to us if you need assistance or have any questions.

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