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How do you care for your Matching Couple Rings?

Consider the value of engagement rings, special presents, or the beautiful gifts we give ourselves. It is important to ensure that the cherished items last for a lifetime. It is important to take good care of your ring.

There are a few steps you can follow to ensure that your ring is just as stunning as the day you got it. It is crucial to clean it on a regular basis. This will not only preserve its value, but will also keep its shine. Be sure to make it subject to periodic maintenance, a tiny act that will make a difference over the long term. In this blog, we'll show you how to do it.

How do you clean your engagement ring

Use a few household products to clean your ring thoroughly.

Fill a glass with water and fill it with hot water and a bit of dish soap. (We suggest using a glass rather than washing the ring in the sink, to prevent losing it and dropping it.)

Use a soft toothbrush or baby toothbrush, and gently massage it along the sides, front and back of the center stone, ensuring it gets into any crevices where dirt may accumulate.

Place the ring on a soft piece of kitchen paper, and allow it to dry thoroughly.

You may observe that your stones appear lighter or less saturated following cleaning. You're not in any way done anything to alter the look of your center stone. It's the effect of removing dirt that makes the rings appear duller and darker. This is normal, especially in the case where the stone you're cleaning is aquamarine or a lighter color.

For occasional fingerprints, or for quick polishing while on the go You can also purchase a professional jewelry cleaning cloth.

Take a look at our guide on how to clean jewelry

We don't suggest using anything stronger on your ring, or on specific jewelry or metal solutions without first consulting your jeweler to confirm they're suitable for the ring you have.

If you are seeking a more advanced solution, you might think about investing in an ultrasonic clean device that literally blasts dirt off your ring. It can be used on all gems other than emeralds. To use an ultrasound machine simply fill it with warm, soapy water put the ring in and turn it on. Find the model you have chosen for instructions.

Engagement ring maintenance

Make sure you take care of your engagement ring by performing annual maintenance at your jeweler of choice. Wear and tear can cause the prongs to become looser, so the jeweler will tighten them if needed. You'll also enjoy greater assurance. The professional will also clean the rings with care, and restore it to its original beauty.

How to prevent damaging the ring of your engagement?

It is crucial to take care of your engagement rings to keep them shining and in good shape. It is easier to prevent damage to your ring than you think. Be aware when you face common situations that have resulted in numerous people losing or destroying their precious jewelry.

First first, you should avoid wearing the ring in places with extreme temperatures, such as saunas or extremely hot places. Heat can negatively affect the sparkle of your jewelry.

Equally important is to stay clear of getting the ring submerged in areas like hot tubs or pools that contain harsh chemicals. These substances could damage the beauty of the ring with time.

Make sure to take off your ring prior to jumping into the water if you like swimming. The ring could be lost because the finger shrinks due the cold.

Even one day at the beach could be risky for your ring. Sand particles can be able to get into the frame and cause unintentional scratches.

Be cautious when lifting heavy objects, such as a suitcase or weights at the gym. A clumsy move could accidentally crush the ring. With a little caution, your engagement ring can remain a beautiful and lasting symbol of your love.

How to fix an Engagement Ring

The first step in taking care of your precious engagement ring is to evaluate it. Take a look at the band. Are there any visible scratches? Are there loose or missing stones? Make sure it isn't too tight or too loose. Knowing the condition of your ring well is the best way to start making informed decisions about the care and maintenance of your ring.

Resizing is among the most common interventions made to engagement rings. Sizing is the best way to make sure that the ring is perfectly fitted, regardless of whether the ring's width isn't quite as wide or is a little loose. This process involves adding or removing metal from the band and, if necessary, inserting a stack to achieve the ideal fit.

Missing or loose stones are a frequent issue. The stone may need replacing or reinserted. It doesn't matter if it's a broken diamond or a damaged colored gemstone.

Over time, the prongs that hold gemstones in place may weaken. If not taken care of, they can cause the stones to detach or fall. It is possible that you will need to tighten them again or even replace them if you notice that the stone is falling.


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