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The Biden-Harris Administration has centered equity and the advancement of fundamental rights as a priority to ensure that all Americans are able to fully participate in our democracy and have a fair shot at the American dream. The Administration has worked to embed equity across many fronts, including taking concrete steps to advance gender equality; accelerate LGBTQI+ equality; expand access and inclusion for Americans with disabilities; support and respect Native communities; combat hate crimes; and reform our criminal justice system. In addition to all of the work that has happened over the past year, this week we are proud to highlight new announcements including:

Pro Landscape 19 Full Crack

Advancing Gender Equity and Equality. In a strong and sustainable democracy, all people, regardless of gender, must have the opportunity to reach their full potential and women and girls must be fully represented at the tables at which decisions are made.

Promoting LGBTQI+ Equality. To accelerate the march toward full LGBTQI+ equality, the Administration has taken historic actions beginning with one of the most comprehensive executive orders in history on LGBTQI+ rights.

It can be applied to active leaks as it will displace the water. We have not done rigorous 30 day submersion testing, but we do hear of folks using it successfully for swimming pools, boats, kayaks, etc.

Little Wonder equipment has been supporting groundskeepers since 1922. Whether its cutting neat edges, keeping hedges trimmed and the landscape under control, nothing beats the durability and dependability of Little Wonder.

The process begins with the drilling of a long vertical or angled well that can extend a mile or more into the earth. As the well nears the rock formation where the natural gas or oil lies, drilling then gradually turns horizontal and extends as far as thousands of feet. Steel pipes called casings are inserted into the well, and the space between the rock and the casing is fully or partially filled with cement. Small holes are made in the casing with a perforating gun, or the well is constructed with pre-perforated pipe. Fracking fluid is then pumped in at a pressure high enough to create new fractures or open existing ones in the surrounding rock. This allows the oil or gas to flow to the surface for gathering, processing, and transportation, along with contaminated wastewater that is stored in pits and tanks or disposed of in underground wells.

Wastewater MismanagementEvery year, the oil and gas industry generates billions of gallons of wastewater, a potentially hazardous mixture of flowback (used fracking fluid), produced water (naturally occurring water that is released with the oil and gas), and any number of other naturally occurring contaminants ranging from heavy metals, salts, and toxic hydrocarbons like benzene to radioactive materials such as uranium. This wastewater can enter and contaminate the environment in myriad ways: when transported (in 2015, for example, a broken North Dakota pipeline carrying produced water spilled about three million gallons of contaminants into a nearby creek), when stored (open pits that hold wastewater aboveground can spill, leak, and emit air pollution), or when treated (wastewater treatment facilities unable to properly handle pollutants found in fracking waste can release contaminants into surface waters). Even the recycling of wastewater poses a threat as it generates concentrated waste products, including a by-product called TENORM (technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material), which must then be properly managed. Recycled wastewater must also be appropriately treated for its intended end use, which can be challenging when companies do not fully disclose all the chemical contents.

For the greatest longevity and durability, consider installing a paving stone patio. One of the many benefits of going with this option for a large area is that you can more easily make repairs if damage occurs. For example, if a concrete patio gets a small crack or stain, you may be able to repair just the area and cross your fingers that the color will match. However, if it is a large crack or particularly stubborn stain, you will most likely need to replace the entire slab. If you replace only the damaged slab, it is nearly impossible to get the new concrete to match the older slabs that are still intact.

If you have stamped concrete, which is a much more attractive option, these repairs are even more expensive. If you choose a paving stone patio and a paving stone happens to crack or become stained, your professional installer can essentially unzip the pavers to replace only the paving stone that is damaged.

Another option is to install multiple patios and decks to cover the area, create functional spaces and enhance visual appeal. If you think you might want to use various materials to keep things interesting, such as a wood deck, a river rock patio and a paving stone patio, we recommend enlisting the assistance of a professional landscape designer to help you ensure a satisfactory end result. We love the idea of using different materials to create a unique look, but mixing various materials can quickly create a hodge-podge look without a carefully thought out plan.

When some folks think of xeriscaping, they envision barren, desert-like landscapes void of color or inviting textures. In reality, drought-tolerant landscape design can include vibrant colors, multiple layers of texture, and truly attractive features that are warm and welcoming.

Our landscape architect is licensed by the State of Hawaiʻi DCCA Professional Licensing Division. The landscape architect designs beautification and in-house planting projects for the City. Our landscape architect reviews both City and private developer submittals and provides comments reflecting City and industry standards. Below is a Hawaiian Garden at Honolulu Hale that was completed in late 2020, designed by our talented DUF landscape architect!

Luc was great, I sent a picture of some cracks in the foundation, he did a great job explaining to me the situation, and what needed to be done. He's very responsive and knowledgable, would not hesitate to use again.

I spoke with Luke at attack a crack, and unfortunately the type of work I needed he did not perform. However, he spent time on the phone with me discussing options, and gave me a referral on who would be able to do the work for me. Even though I would not use his services, he spent time discussing my problems and helping me to find a solution. I may not have used him in this instance, but anybody that spends time to help another individual out, knowing they will not get compensated. Is somebody I would recommend.

Luc called me immediately after my text and very patiently gave me a full assessment of the situation and kindly offered options for repair in order to address in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Highly recommend and so glad we now have this link .

Description of Work I have been extremely pleased with Luc Richard and his Attack-A-Crack company. We had put our condo on the market while emptying our basement to move to Maine. During the first few showings potential buyers noticed a basement wall crack that had been unnoticed by us. Their feedback showed that it was concerning and deterring buyers. Late on a Friday afternoon when I had briefly come back to CT from Maine, I texted photos of the crack to Luc after seeing the informative videos on his website. He phoned back immediately, assessed the severity of the crack, and sent an estimate for repair after explaining how he could repair it, and make it structurally sound and cosmetically acceptable. He also assisted me with dealing with my condo association to get it fixed more quickly.

I really cannot say enough about Attack a Crack and Luc, the owner of the company. I called and left a message about my problem, and within an hour Luc called me back. He asked me to text him a picture of the crack, and he immediately got back to me with a price. Of course, to add insult to injury with the cellar, the crack went behind my electrical panel, so that had to be moved so Attack A Crack could do the repair. I got an electrical quote, mentioned it to Luc, and he told me to get another price because the charge seemed too high. He even gave me the name of an electrician to call. As it turns out, thanks to Luc, I saved a lot of money on the electrical. The employee who came to fix the crack (I think his name was Justin, cannot recall for sure) was very punctual, very thorough, and did a great job. We have had some serious downpours since this work was done, and my cellar has been bone dry since Attack a Crack did the repair work. I would highly recommend Attack A Crack to anyone looking to have foundation crack repairs on their homes. The customer service was exemplary, the repair work was done very well. No complaints whatsoever.

They responded to my call extremely quickly, offered a precise written estimate on the strength of the photographs I emailed them, and came out to do the work that same week. They sealed the full length of the crack from floor to ceiling from the inside with epoxy, covered the inside surface with a rubber layer and the outside with plaster. They back up their work with a lifetime guarantee. Winter/early spring will be the best test of the seal, but I feel good knowing that I can call them back if there are problems. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. Hoping I won't need their services again, but I would 100% recommend.

Description of Work Needed a crack in the my poured concrete foundation repaired (sealed) in order to proceed with refinance. Attack-A-Crack was referred to me by the structural engineer that the mortgage company required me to hire.

The job, from beginning to end, met or exceeded all of my expectations. Justin did a phenomenal job with repairing all cracks on both basement floor and foundation walls. The price was more than fair considering the number of cracks that had to be repaired. I would not hesitate to recommend others.


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