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Stepmania 5 Theme Ddr X3l

If you want to run fancy themes or play songs with a lot of effects, you should probably get at least 8GB of RAM. A SSD will also significantly improve load times, and a dedicated graphics card or AMD APU might improve frame rates.

Stepmania 5 Theme Ddr X3l

Hey there is little talk of pony packs in this thread. I'd love to know where to find some good packs to play or just a single chart that you thought was good. Here are the ones I know about and my general thoughts. Just so you know I only play pad so opinions are based off that.My Little Pony Season 01 pack - Love the songs and they are expertly stepped. There are 20 songs total and I believe they came in two separate downloads containing 10 songs each. All difficulties. The original spot they were released is offline but it is being hosted on a few websites just google for it and you should find a download for it.Trotmania - Tons of songs (over 100) and has themes for stepmania 5. They have rhytm is magic and chrystalize packs and themes out. Really fun to play. They do have some nonpony songs thrown in there but they tried to pick songs that fit the overall theme of ponies (or have great pmvs) but you can always take those out if you want. Good range of difficulty so anyone can play. Arrows are Magic - 2 versions out now each containing 10 songs. The difficulty ramps up significantly from standard to heavy. Creator likes to toss in 16th and occasionally 24ths for heavy difficulty and above so be prepared for that. Overall pretty decent. Great and Powerful (Jayce) - Lots of good songs but sadly only challenge difficulty. So not a great pack for parties. Does seem to be nicely stepped the ones I have tried. So if you love challenge difficulty this may be for you =simfiles

AngelSassin - a user on our boards I know released some packs. They seem to be keyboard packs though he has stated he may do some heavy and standard difficulties for some songs in the future. Those are what I know of right now but please let me know what songs you have since I can always use more pony songs in my stepmania. 350c69d7ab


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