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Falko Video 4: Learn and Laugh with Falko's Latest Video on Nuclear Fusion and More

other services include aircraft management and leasing, aircraft management, aircraft operations, aircraft safety, aircraft training, maintenance, security, engineering, and support training. by offering this service in selected parts of the world, falko complements its fleet by providing complementary services in a particular geographical location. for example, falko operates in multiple locations, including uk, ireland, singapore, and qatar, where its aircraft and ground infrastructure support its customers in various regions of the world.

Falko Video 4

falko has strong knowledge of the regional aircraft sector, spanning a broad range of aircraft types, sizes, and service lives. as a result, it can provide the engineering expertise, sophisticated systems integration, up-to-date equipment, and service technicians necessary to manage the customers aircraft.

falko is headquartered in bristol, uk, and has regional offices in the united states, europe, and asia. operating in over 40 countries, falko services around 50,000 commercial aircraft of hundreds of different types and models. its operations consist of infrastructure, maintenance, and repair centres in bristol, uk; boulder, usa; suzhou, china; chengdu, china; houston, usa; and houston, usa. falko is listed on the main listing of the aim london stock exchange.

falko is a specialist aircraft operating leasing, asset management, and aircraft services company focused on the regional aircraft sector. it is currently one of the worlds largest lessors of regional aircraft by value and aircraft numbers. falko has a clear growth strategy dedicated to expanding the business and growing its portfolio of aircraft and associated services within the regional aircraft market. with offices in the uk, ireland, and singapore, falko is well-positioned to deliver a range of solutions across the globe.


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