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[S5E16] 25th Hour

There was something that made "25th Hour" feel like a series finale. Could it be that Mike FINALLY faced up to his crime? I have to give props to him because I honestly didn't think he had it in him.

[S5E16] 25th Hour

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"25th Hour" was a fantastic ending to a fantastic season. Everything seemed to fall into place naturally. It leaves us wondering what will become of everyone. How will they rebuild their lives in the aftermath? It's not going to be an easy task, but it's going to be intriguing to see it all play out!

Season 5 of "Suits", which managed to take the viewers to the edge of their chairs and kept them there for at least the last five episodes, is coming to a close Wednesday, March 2. The finale episode, titled "25th Hour", will reveal Mike's (Patrick J Adams) fate along with that of Pearson Specter Litt.

In "Suits" season 5 episode 16, entitled "25th Hour," the day of Mike's reckoning drew closer and it poses a threat to disrupt the lives of the people who surround him. Also, the character made a single play he had left, as he faced the unsure consequences of his battle at the court.

This episode was basically an hour long drama instead of a comedy. Chandler worked too hard to make Monica think he wasn't ready for marriage, which brought Richard momentarily back into the picture, and left Chandler racing back to the apartment thinking Monica had taken off. In reality, she had filled the apartment with candles and was ready to propose to him. They sort of ended up doing it together, and oh boy we're crying just thinking about it.

On the next episode of the series, the show's 16th, entitled "25th Hour," Mike faces his day of reckoning in court after he pleaded guilty to fraud for posing as a bona fide lawyer for some years now. And it seems like the end is near for Mike and his partnership with Harvey. But he wants to have his final say as he shakenly tells Harvey, "I am not letting you go to the prison for a crime that I committed." 041b061a72


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