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Jill Valentine Mod for Resident Evil 5 PC: How to Play as the Ultimate Boss

jill valentine is a great leader, tactician, and superb marksman, and her fighting style is highly effective. in the resident evil 5 episode 2, jill valentine, the female protagonist of resident evil 5, uses her p90 as her primary weapon, and she was armed with various additional firearms including the g36c, g41, and the rpk.

resident evil 5 pc jill mod 18


this is the final area of the mansion. after reading the documents in the next room, you'll open up the locked double doors and get inside. after heading through the next set of doors, jill will notice something out of place. enter the room and have her find the blueprints on the shelf. read them and leave the room. head down the hallway to the next door and go through it.

now head into the next room and have jill pick up the flashlight on the shelf. turn it on and use it to illuminate the next room. before you go, jill will notice that the door is locked. go back to the room where the blueprints are and have jill place the wrench on the fuse box. now, when the lights go off, jill will have the chance to open the door. head through the door and make your way down the long corridor. after following the corridor, you'll find a ladder going down. follow the ladder to the bottom and you'll come to a room with a sheet over the bed. have jill pick up the handgun bullets on the shelf and go into the next room.

this is the room where you can change the difficulty. after following the corridor to the right, you'll find a glass case with three keys on the shelf. before you go in, jill will notice a closet with a ventilation shaft. you have a choice of two options. you can either go to the vent and enter it, or just go to the next room and stay on the first level. either way, read the notes in the next room. if you choose the vent option, get in and start crawling up the vent. after a short while, you'll come to a ladder that will take you up to the top. head back down the ladder and follow the corridor to the next room.


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